User manual


The transboard is a conveyor belt specially designed for the FIX-Board. The boards can be placed side by side so that fur and sleeves can be affixed quickly and efficiently. The boards are moved automatically to the pinning machine where a board and fur are always ready for the operator. This conveyor belt can boost the output of your pinning machine by a significant amount.


  • Moves the boards automatically along to the pinning machine.
  • 25 board capacity.
  • Can be combined with a height adjustable underframe. 


Power: 230V
Capacity: 25 boards
Water: No
Weigt: 96 kg 
Dimensions (HxWxD): 30x200x30 cm
Product no. Designation Rec. retail price in EURO
13005000 FIX-Transboard (M2) € 3,602.00
13007500 Raising/lowering frame € 405.00