With the FIX-Board the fur is secured without the use of staples and the oval shape ensures that the FIX-sleeve holds the fur in place all the way around.

The board's special design means that furs are not damaged while also producing a soft fur that shows up beautifully. This is due to the design of the board and the extensive air flow.

The board folds together when the fur is removed. The furs are removed while the boards are in the drying cabinet. Once the fur has been removed from the board, it is immediately ready for the
next cycle.

Product no. Designation Rec. retail price in EURO
11040010 FIX-Boards (200 units) (male) € 1,315.00
11040011 FIX-Boards (male) € 6.60
11040201 FIX-Boads US (200 units) (male) € 1,315.00
11040202 FIX-Boards US (male) € 6.60
11040101 FIX-Boards (200 units) (female) € 1,290.00
11040102 FIX-Boards (female) € 6.50