FIX-Blue Water

User manual


Water brush for the FIX-drying system has been developed to match the increased focus on the quality of your furs.

The water brush has a built-in pre-spray, which pre-sprays twice and also brushes twice per fur. This can be adjusted to brush only once per fur if required. The water consumption depends on the desired amount of pre-spray (possible to control the pressure).

FIX-Blue Water is either placed just after the FIX-2 pinning machine or FIX-Size. It is a practical size which fits through an ordinary stable door and is easy to move and clean. It is possible to connect the machine directly to the drain.

The machine is made from mechanical components that require minimal maintenance.

FIX-Blue Water has been updated with an auto button, so that the machine can run an endless cycle. Once the machine has brushed one fur, it moves automatically to the next fur, and so on. The automatic function is particularly useful if you have a lot of furs to run through the machine in a short space of time.

Air: No
Power: 230V
Weight: 335 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD): 190x90x130
Product no. Designation Rec. retail price in EURO
11160000 FIX-Blue Water € 12,083.00
18788200 Update rail set 
(Price excl. installation)
€ 634.00
18788300 Update door 
(Price excl. installation)
€ 758.00
390127033 Update automatic
(Price excl. installation)
€ 220.00