FIX-2 Water Brush



For fitting in FIX-Monorail after the pinning machine. The machine gently brushes the fur with two large foam rubber pads, leaving only the required amount of water on the fur. When using the water brush, the hairs are given a uniform appearance that is both beautiful and shiny, thus gaining additional value in the case of certain types of fur. Once the trolley leaves the »washing room», it is rinsed to remove all sawdust, ensuring that your rail system is always clean.
A large vessel at the base collects the water, which is then sucked up and emptied into the drain. The machine is operated via a user-friendly touchscreen.

Air: 8 bar (min)
Air consumption: 36 In/min
Power: 240 V
Per hour: 250 furs
Water: Yes
Weight: 130 kg 
Dimensions (HxWxD): 195x110x73 cm
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