FIX-2 Mover (off)



The FIX-2 Mover (off) acts as an emptying station. The machine attaches the drying cabinet to a fixed bracket beneath the base of the drying cabinet. This guarantees that the drying cabinet is always in the same position.
The grab stops a FIX-Train in a given position so that it only needs to move in one direction. This way it can be emptied quicker and with a minimum amount of movement. The drying cabinet is emptied in a pre-programmed sequence, depending on whether it is only to be emptied or the board is also
to be placed back into the drying cabinet. The machine is operated via a user-friendly touchscreen.

Air:    8 bar (min)
Air consumption: 24 ln/min
Power: 240V
Per hour: 200 furs
Water: No
Weight: 194 kg 
Dimensions (HxWxD): 110x105x265 cm
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